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List of Fall 2013 Early Adopters

# Topic Principal Investigator Country Co-Pis Organization Courses Proposed
1 DePauw University Proposal for Status as a Fall 2013 Early Adopter of the NSF/IEEE-TCPP Curriculum Initiative on Parallel and Distributed Computing Steven Bogaerts United States Steven Bogaerts, Brian Howard, Scott Thede and Gloria Townsend DePauw University Computer Science I, Data Structures, Computer Systems, Parallel Programming and Advanced Algorithms, and Programming Languages
2 NSF/TCPP Early Adopter Fall-13 Proposal for Department wide PDC Adoption Sheikh Ghafoor United States Mike Rogers Tennessee Technological University CSC 1200 - Principle of Computing (CS0), CSC -2100 - Introduction to Problem solving and Computer Programming(CS1), CSC2110 - Data Structures and Algorithm (CS2), CSC 4100 - Operating Systems, CSC 4320 - Computer Architecture, CSC 4760 - Parallel Programming
3 PARMA: Massive Parallelism — Parallelism for the Masses Frank Mueller United States David Sturgill, Edward Gehringer NC State University CSC 246 Operating Systems, CSC 501—Graduate Operating Systems, CSC 456 (undergraduate course in parallel architecture), CSC/ECE 506 (crosslisted masters-level course in parallel architecture, CSC 548—Graduate Parallel Systems, CSC 766 — Code Optimization for Scalar and Parallel Programs, ECE 786 – Multi-core/Many-core Architectures and Programming
4 Department-wide Multi-course Multi-semester Multi-instructor Early Adoption of the TCPP Curriculum at the University of Central Sumit Kumar Jah United States Narsingh Deo University of Central Florida COP3503 Computer Science II, COT5405 Algorithms, COT6000 Computational Modeling and Validation and CDA 5110 Parallel Architecture and Algorithms
5 Proposal for NSF/TCPP Curriculum Early Adoption at Washington State University - Vancouver Xinghui Zhao United States David Chiu and Scott Wallace Washington State University CS 122 (Data Structures, Spring 2014), CS 223 (Advanced Data Structures, Fall 2013), CS 320 (Fundamentals of Software Engineering, Fall 2013), CS 453 (Web Data Management, Spring 2014), and CS 447 (Computer Game Design, Fall 2013)
6 Exposing Undergraduates to Parallel Performance Concepts Through a Three-Module Sequence Apan Qasem United States   Texas State University CS I, Operating Systems and Computer Architecture
7 NSF/TCPP Early Adopter Fall 2013: Fault-Tolerant PDC for Software Engineering Undergraduates Ali Ebnenasir United States Jean Mayo Michigan Technological University Operating Systems, Model-Driven Software Development and Software Quality Assurance
8 Integrating Parallel and Distributed Computing Topics into UHCL Computer Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum Hakduran Koc United States   University of Houston - Clear Lake Computer Architecture, Microcontroller Programming, PDC course at senior level
9 TCPP Early Adopter Fall 2013: Synergy Between CS and ECE Miriam Leeser United States Gene Cooperman Northeastern University CS 3650 (Systems) and ECE 3324 (Computer Organization), ECE 5640: High Performance Computing and CS 4650/CS 5650 High Performance Computing
10 Integrating The NSF/TCPP Curriculum Guidelines into Undergraduate Systems Courses at Portland State University Karen L. Karavanic United States   Portland State University CS201 Computer Systems Programming, CS 333 Introduction to Operating Systems, CS 4xx Introduction to Performance Measurement, Modeling and Analysis
11 Parallel and Distributed Computing in High School Brad Burkman United States   Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts Computational Science Research Methods, Genetics sequence
12 Distributed Computing and Programming in the Undergraduate Algorithms, Networks and Security Courses at Jackson State University Natarajan Meghanathan United States   Jackson State University Distributed Systems (Network Programming, Wireless Networks Security and Design)
13 Teaching CS 2 in Parallel - A multi-institution approach to introducing Parallelism in Data Structures Akshaye Dhawan United States John Dougherty Ursinus College Data Structures
14 Assessing Effectiveness of A Bilingual-Programming Approach to Teaching Concurrency and Parallelism Dhananjai Rao United States   Miami University CSE 381: Operating Systems
15 NSF/TCPP Early Adopter Proposal: Integrating Concurrency into a Software Verification Course Zvonimir Rakamaric United States   University of Utah CS 6962 software verification (advanced undergraduate and graduate level course)
16 Elective Courses to understand the functionality of Large Networks Niloy Gagnguly India Animesh Mukherjee and Bivas Mitra Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur Distributed computing, p2p and mobile computing, social networks, and complex networks
17 Introducing Parallel and Distributed Computing Concepts at CSE Department, IIT Patna Sathya Peri India Cse Dept Indian Institute of Technology Patna Four core courses, including data structures, algorithms, Operating systems, and architecture, and two electives (parallel and distributed systems) and concurrency control in databases
18 Integrating TCPP curriculum into Computational Math in Russia Victor Gergel Russian Federation Alexey Liniov, Losif Meyerov and Alexander Sysoyev Nizhni Novgorod State University (1) Renewal of the core computer science courses: CS101 Introduction to Computer Programming (1 semester, Fall 2013), CS102 Object Oriented Programming (2 semester, Spring 2014), CS103 Data Structures and Algorithms (3-4 semesters, Spring 2014). (2) Structure adaptation of the core computer science courses (CS220 Computer Architecture, CS225 Operating Systems, CS230 Computer Networks, Spring 2014) in accordance with TCPP recommendations. (3) Modernization of the main course on parallel programming CS338 Parallel Computing (5 semester, Fall 2014).
19 NSF/TCPP Curriculum on Large-scale Computational Network Science Chee Wei Tan Hong Kong   City University of Hong Kong CS2311 Computer Programming, CS2115 Computer Organization, CS3391 Advanced Programming, CS4284 Mobile Computing, CS8292 Advanced Topics in Convex Optimization and its Applications
20 Early Adopter Proposal: TCPP Curriculum Initiative Dinesh Kulkarni India Umesh Chavan Walchand College Of Engineering, Sangli Data Structures, Parallel Programming, Parallel Algorithms, Advanced Algorithms,
21 Integrating PDC Topics in core courses of BS (CS) at FAST-NU Jawwad Shamsi Pakistan Tahir Qasim Syed, Imran Rauf, Muhammad Rafi and Nadeem Kafi FAST- National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences Data Structures, Operating Systems, Algorithms, and Computer Architecture
22 TCPP Early adopter proposal for the Broadband Communications course Wolfgang Bziuk Germany Admela Jukan and Marcel Caria TU Braunscheweig Broadband Communication Network
23 Early Adopter Proposal: NSF/TCPP Core Curriculum Initiative for UESTC Guoming Lu China Shenglin Gui, Jie Xu, Jieyan Liu and Siyu Zhan University of Electronic Science and Technology of China Object-oriented Programming in Java, Computer Network Programming, Computer Architecture, Parallel and Distributed Computing
24 NSF/IEEE-TCPP Curriculum: Early Adoption at Bar-Ilan University, Israel Ami Marowka Israel   Bar-llan Univesity Parallel Systems and Parallel Algorithms
25 Teaching Parallel and Distributed Computing in a Revolting Nation Manal Helal Egypt   AASTMT Computer architecture and organisation, networking courses, programming courses, data structures and algorithms, artificial intelligence, image processing,