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Call for Proposals for Early Adopter for Spring-12

Proposal Submission Deadline: Nov 5, 2011

Notification: Nov 30, 2011

Thanks to NSF and Intel seed funding, we will have a Spring-12 early adopter status competition.  As with Spring-11 and Fall-11 competition, the early adopters would be (i) instructors of core courses, such as CS1, CS2, Systems, and Data Structures and Algorithms, (ii) instructors of elective/advanced courses, such as those on parallel and distributed computing, networking, architecture, algorithm, programming language, and software engineering, and (iii) department chairs and members of department curriculum committees, who are responsible for core CS/CE courses.  

A department-wide multi-course multi-semester adoption effort in the core level courses is encouraged. Submit your proposal laying out plans for integrating and evaluating some of the proposed topics into your core/elective undergraduate CS/CE courses. Evaluation would be a key aspect - not just how well students learnt, but on the pedagogy, integration, and curriculum aspects: how new topics get integrated with the current topics, how these get taught, appropriateness of topic, level of coverage, and learning outcome, issues related to omission and commission in the proposed curriculum, etc. 

Cash awards/stipends to instructors will range between $1000 to $2500 per proposal.  About 15-20 proposals will be selected for early adopter status and award by the curriculum committee - last round we had selected 18 out of 26 proposals.

Proposals are specially encouraged from institutions from the emerging economies, including the BRIC and similar nations.  The associated EduPar-12 workshop will be held in Shanghai alongside IPDPS-12 in May 2011.

Resources: See sample proposals from Spring-11/Fall-11 rounds (Sample 1Sample 2Sample 3). 

Submission Site:  Submit your proposal in pdf format with no more than 4 pages for multi-course and 2 pages for single course proposal on EasyChair system , begin your abstract with a list of relevant courses, and select appropriate topics on EasyChair.

Contact: Sushil K. Prasad, Georgia State University (sprasad at   

Curriculum Committee: 

Chtchelkanova, Almadena (NSF), Das, Sajal (University of Texas at Arlington, NSF), Das, Chita (Penn State, NSF), Dehne, Frank (Carleton University, Canada), Gouda, Mohamed (University of Texas, Austin, NSF), Gupta, Anshul (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center), Jaja, Joseph (University of Maryland), Kant, Krishna (NSF, Intel), La Salle, Anita (NSF), LeBlanc, Richard (Seattle University), Lumsdaine, Andrew (Indiana University), Padua, David (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Parashar, Manish (Rutgers, NSF), Prasad, Sushil (Georgia State University), Prasanna, Viktor (University of Southern California), Robert, Yves (INRIA, France), Rosenberg, Arnold (Colorado State University), Sahni, Sartaj (University of Florida), Shirazi, Behrooz (Washington State University), Sussman, Alan (University of Maryland), Weems, Chip (University of Massachusetts), and Wu, Jie (Temple University)