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Early Adopter Status Awarded - Spring 2012

# Topic Principal Investigator Country co-Pis affiliation Country courses
1 No Undergraduate Left Behind James Tuck United States Greg Byrd, Alex Dean, Eric Rotenberg, Yan Solihin, James Tuck and Huiyang Zhou North Carolina State University US ECE 109/209: Intro to Computer Engineering, ECE 309: Object Oriented Programming,ECE 463: Computer Architecture, ECE 466: Code Scheduling and Optimization
2 PDC Across the Core Curriculum: An Active-Learning Approach Ben Coleman United States   Moravian College US CS1, CS2, DS&A, and Systems
3 Proposal for Early Adopter -- NSF/TCPP Core Curriculum Initiative for Undergraduates Yanwei Wu United States Yanwei Wu, Jie Liu and John Marsaglia. Western Oregon University US Mostly elective, dept-wide, multiple courses, multiple semesters,
4 Early Adoption of IEEE-TCPP Curriculum Initiative during the Transition to Semesters at Ohio University David Juedes United States David Juedes and Frank Drews Ohio University, School of EECS US CS2, CS361 (Data Structures), and CS442 (Operating Systems and Computer Architecture)
5 Early Adopter of the NSF/TCPP PDC Curriculum at University of Cincinnati Yiming Hu United States   University of Cincinnati US Three courses starting with software methods to advanced operating systems.
6 TCPP Curriculum: Principles of Concurrency and Parallelism Suresh Jagannathan United States Suresh Jagannathan and Ananth Grama. Purdue University US Principles of Concurrency and Parallelism
7 Early Adoption of Parallel Concepts at the University of Illinois Sean Massung United States Sean Massung and Cinda Heeren. University of Illinois US Core Data Structures and Programming Principles course
8 Thinking in Parallel: Hardware to Software - Adopting the TCPP Core Curriculum in Computer Systems Principles Tim Richards United States   University of Massachusetts Amherst US systems, core, single, multiple semester
9 NSF/TCPP Core Curriculum Early Adopter Proposal: Introducing Parallel and Distributed Computing to Minority Undergraduates Lei Huang United States Lei Huang and Yonggao Yang Prairie View A&M University US core CS2 and Algorithms; elective Intro to P&D Programming
10 Early Adoption of the NSF/TCPP Curriculum on Parallel and Distributed Computing for Undergraduates Hwajung Lee United States Hwajung Lee and Arthur E. Carter. Radford University US Principles of CS III, Introduction to Computer Networking, Network Design and Analysis, Distributed Computing
11 TCPP Curriculum: Formal methods for parallelism and concurrency Ganesh Gopalakrishnan United States   University of Utah US Models of computation; Foundations of CS, and Spcial Topics on Multicore Programming.
12 Shared Initiative to Integrate Parallel Computation Models into the Core Undergraduate Curriculum Dan Connors United States Wim Bohm (CS), Sudeep Pasricha (ECE), Sanjay (CS), University of Colorado Boulder, Denver): Jeremy Siek (CS/ECE), Ruth Dameron (ECE), Diane Williams (ECE) University of Colorado Boulder US CS1/2, Parallel Programming
13 TCPP Curriculum: Early Adoption at the University of Houston-Downtown Hong Lin United States   University of Houston-Downtown US OS - core, single, multiple semester, US
14 Parallel Processing for Computer Engineering Concentration in Electrical Engineering Program Yudi Gondokaryono, Kusprasapta Mutijarsa, Ary Prihatmanto Indonesia Yudi Gondokaryono, Kusprasapta Mutijarsa and Ary Prihatmanto Institut Teknologi Bandung Indonesia KU1071 Introduction to Information Technology A (First Programming course, CS1), IF2030 Algorithm & Data Structure (Second Programming, DS/A), EL3010 Computer System Architecture (Core, System), EL3110 Computer System Architecture Lab (Core, System), EL3046 Design of Embedded Systems (Core, System), EL3246 Design of Embedded Systems Laboratory (Core, System), EL4010 Computer System Architecture II (Advanced, System; Arch2) ,EL4014 Computer Graphics and GPU Programming
15  Fundamentals of Concurrent Programming at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande - Brazil Andrey Brito. Brazil   Universidade Federal de Campina Grande Brazil Fundamentals of Concurrent Programming
16 Curriculum Initiative on Parallel and Distributed Computing at the University of Western Ontario Marc Moreno Maza. Canada   Middlexsex College University of Western Ontario LONDON Canada CS 2101: Foundations of Programming for High Performance Computing (pre-requisite is CS 1; open to non-majors, uses Cilk), CS 3101: Theory and Practice of High Performance Computing (primarily for undergraduate CS majors), CS 4402: Distributed and Parallel Systems (primarily for undergraduate CS majors)
17 "Parallel Computing" elective undergraduate course Carlos Sergio Bederián, Nicolas Wolovick Argentina Carlos Sergio Bederián and Nicolás Wolovick Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - FaMAF Argentina Parallel Computing
18 Mobile meets Cloud! Yvonne Coady. Canada   University of Victoria Canada CS1 and two electives covering concurrency and distributed computing (with applications)
19 NSF-TCPP Curriculum Initiative on Parallel and Distributed Computing A proposal for early adoption in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India Nandini Mukherjee. India   Jadavpur University, Kolkata India CS1, CS2, Algorithms, Architecture, Compilers, elective
20 Parallel Programing in Electronic Engineering Career Alejandro Furfaro. Argentina Marcelo R. Doallo, Dario Alpern, Juan Montenegro, Gustavo Nudelman, Marcelo Trujillo, Rita Campillo, Gabriel Mandrut, Jeronimo Atencio, Martin Marino, Mariano GONZALEZ, Esteban Venialgo, Martín Belzunce Departamento de Electrónica, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facutad Regional Bs.As. Argentina Digital Techniques III, and two electives courses, High Performance Computing, and Parallel Programming
21  TCPP Curriculum: Early Adoption at Central South University Jianxin Wang China Jianxin Wang, Min Li and Yi Pan. Central South University China Bioinformatics algorithms