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Early Adopter Status Awarded - Fall 2011


Institution (Country)


Richard Brown and Elizabeth Shoop

St. Olaf College (United States)

Integrating the NSF/TCPP Core Curriculum into the CS in Parallel Module Development Project

Johnnie Baker, Paul Farrell and Mikhail Nesterenko

Kent State University(United States)

Intel Corporation - Kent State University Collaboration in Parallel and Distributed Computation

Yi Pan and Sushil Prasad

Georgia State University (United States)

A Department-wide Multi-course Multi-semester Adoption at Georgia State University

Yili Tseng

NC A & T State University (United States)

evising and Revitalizing Computational Technology Concentration

Akshaye Dhawan

Ursinus College (United States)

Incorporating the TCPP Curriculum Recommendations in a Liberal Arts Setting

Baochuan Lu and Tim Declue

Southwest Baptist Unversity (United States)

TCPP Curriculum: Early Adoption at Southwest Baptist University

Bernard Chen and Sinan Kockara

University of Central Arkansas Department of Computer Science (United States)

TCPP Curriculum Early Adaptor at University of Central Arkansas

Xin Yuan

Florida State University(United States)

Early Adopter of the NSF/TCPP PDC Curriculum at Florida State University

Michael Scherger and John Fernandez

Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi(United States)

Early Adoption of TCPP Curriculum Topics into the Undergraduate CS Curriculum at Texas A&M Univeristy - Corpus Christi

Yong Chen, Yu Zhuang and Noé López-Benitez

Texas Tech University (United States)

Early Adoption of NSF/TCPP PDC Curriculum at Texas Tech University

Jon Preston

SPSU (United States)

A Multi-Discipline Environment Approach to Adopting PDC Curriculum

Wilson Rivera

University of Puerto Rico (United States)

Early Adoption of TCPP Curriculum Initiative at UPRM

Manuel E. Acacio, Joaquín Cervera, Javier Cuenca, Ricardo Fernández-Pascual, M. Carmen Garrido, Domingo Gimenez, José Guillén, María-Eugenia Requena and Juan A. Sánchez

University of Murcia (Spain)

TCPP Curriculum: Adoption in the second year of the undergraduate Degree in Computer Science at the University of Murcia, Spain

Fernando G. Tinetti

Universidad Nacional de La Plata(Argentina)

NSF/IEEE-TCPP Curriculum Adoption: Distributed Programming, UNLP

Javier Iparraguirre

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Facultad Regional Bahía Blanca(Argentina)

Teaching Parallel Processing in a Practical Way (Argentina)

Maria Fabiana Piccoli and Pablo Cristian Tissera

Universidad Nacional de San Luis(Argenitna)

Toward an Integral and Natural Integration of Parallel Computing in Undergraduate Courses at Universidad Nacional de San Luis, San Luis, Argentina

Fernando Schapachnik, Diego Fernández Slezak and Esteban Mocskos

Departamento de Computación, Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturales, Universidad de Buenos Aires(Argenitna)

Courses Needing Updating, an Opportunity to Incorporate Parallel Thinking

Germán Bianchini and Paola Guadalupe Caymes Scutari

Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Facultad Regional Mendoza(Argenitna)

Elective Course “Parallel Computing” for Undergraduates at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional – Facultad Regional Mendoza