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EduHPC-15: Workshop on Education for High-Performance Computing

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EduHPC-15: Workshop on Education for High-Performance Computing

 Mon, Nov 16, 2015 

Room: Hilton Salon K


2:00 - 2:05
Opening Remarks
Sushil Prasad, Georgia State University - Workshop Chair 
Ioana Banicescu, Mississippi State University - Program Chair
2:05 - 3:10
Session I
Chair: Srishti Srivastava, University of Southern Indiana
2:05 - 2:20
OnRamp to Parallel and Distributed Computing.
  Samantha S. Foley and Joshua Hursey   [ppt]
2:20 - 2:35
Student Cluster Competition: A Multi-disciplinary Undergraduate HPC Educational Tool.
  Stephen Harrell, Hai Ah Nam, Veronica Vergara, Kurt Keville and Dan
  Kamalic   [ppt]
2:35 - 2:50
A Problem-Based Learning Approach to GPU Computing.
   Robert Geist, Joshua Levine and James Westall   [ppt]
2:50 - 3:10
Speakers' Panel I
3:10 - 3:30
Coffee Break - (posters on display)
3:30 - 4:10
Session II 
Chair: Ioana Banicescu, Mississippi State University
Keynote Talk: So, you might want to work at a national lab?
Cynthia Phillips, Sandia National Laboratories
4:10 - 5:10
Session III 
Chair: Charles Weems, University of Massachusetts
4:10 - 4:25 
Auto-Grading for Parallel Programs.
  Maha Aziz, Heng Chi, Anant Tibrewal, Max Grossman and Vivek Sarkar   [ppt]
4:25 - 4:40
REU Site: Bio-Grid Initiatives for Interdisciplinary Research and Education.
  Chun-Hsi Huang   [ppt]
4:40 - 4:55
Introducing High Performance Computing Concepts into Engineering Undergraduate Curriculum: A Success Story.
  Neelima B and Jiajia Li   [ppt]
4:55 - 5:10
Speakers' Panel II
5:10 - 6:00
Session IV
Chair: Sushil Prasad
Learning Parallel Computations with ParaLab
   Victor Gergel and Anton Shtahyuk   [poster]
Seminars as exceptional vehicle to learn parallel programming
   Rainer Keller   [poster]
Injecting parallel computing into Architecture and Organization course
   Han Wan, Xiaopeng Gao, Xiang Long and Yi Li   [poster]
MapReduce modules for undergraduate instruction
   Weiwei Ge, David J. John, Stan J. Thomas   [poster]
Multi-Semester Effort and Experience to Integrate NSF/IEEE-TCPP PDC into Multiple Department-wide Core Courses of Computer Science and Technology Department at GUPT
   Shanyu Wu, Yunhe Li and Wende Ke   [poster]
Experience of Applying NSF/IEEE TCPP Curriculum Initiative on Parallel and Distributed Computing at College of Staten Island
   Yumei Huo and Feng Gu   [poster]
Incorporate PDC Topics into University Level Digital Computer Principles Class at Jackson State University
    Ali Abu El Humos, Sungbum Hong, Godwin Offiah, Ebrahim Al-Areqi
    and Bernard Aldrich   [poster]
Integration of PDC topics with Various Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Courses
    Sandeep Kumar, Manoj Misra, Sudip Roy   [poster]