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EduHPC Technical Program

EduHPC Workshop


Venue: Room 293

EduHPC-2014 Attendee List + Comments
Message from the Workshop Chair

1:30-2:45pm Session 1: Methods
Session Chair: Alan Sussman
   Using the Pilot Library to Teach Message-Passing Programming
    William Gardner and John Carter
    (paper, slides)
   HPC/PDC Immunization in the Introductory Computer Science Sequence
    David Valentine.
    (paper, slides)
   Teaching Parallelism without Programming: A Data Science Curriculum for Non-CS Students
    Yolanda Gil
    (paper, slides)
   Teaching High Performance Computing: Lessons from a project-based flipped course on finite element methods
    Jill Zarestky and Wolfgang Bangerth
    (paper, slides)
   Teaching Parallel Programming Using Java
    Aamir Shafi, Aleem Akhtar, Ansar Javed and Bryan Carpenter
    (paper, slides)
2:45pm-3:00pm Session 1 Speakers Panel
3:00pm-3:30pm Coffee Break
3:30-4:30pm Session 2: Experience
Session Chair: Arnold Rosenberg
   The Blue Waters Student Internship Program: Promoting Competence and Confidence for Next Generation Researchers in High-Performance Computing
    Patricia Jacobs, Phillip List, Mobeen Ludin, Aaron Weeden and Robert M. Panoff
    (paper, slides)
   Development of a Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering Ph.D. Program
    Paul Bauman, Varun Chandola, Abani Patra and Matthew Jones
    (paper, slides)
   PDC Education in the BGU ECE Department
    Guy Tel-Zur
    (paper, slides)
   Trusted High-Performance Computing in the Classroom
    Helmar Burkhart, Danilo Guerrera and Antonio Maffia
    (paper, slides)
4:30pm-4:45pm Session 2 Speakers Panel
4:45-5:30pm Session 3: Lightning talks
Session Chair: Sushil Prasad
   Exposing Undergraduates to Parallel Performance Concepts with a Three-Module Sequence
    Apan Qasem
    (paper, slides)
   Integrating PDC Topics with Software Engineering and Computer Network Courses at Undergraduate Level
    Sandeep Kumar
    (paper, slides)
   Incorporating Parallel and Distributed Computing Across a Liberal Arts Computer Science Curriculum
    Tia Newhall, Andrew Danner and Kevin Webb
    (paper, slides)
   NSF/TCPP Early Adopter Experience at Jackson State University Department of Computer Science
    Ali Abu-El Humos, Sungbum Hong, Jacqueline Jackson, Xuejun Liang and Tzusheng Pei
    (abstract, poster, slides)
   Widespread Integration of Parallelism
    Steven Bogaerts, Brian Howard, Scott Thede and Gloria Townsend
    (paper, poster, slides)
   Coding in the Cloud - Capturing Programming Behaviors at Scale
    Dan Connors, Kyle Dunn
    (paper, slides)
   Integrating the NSF/TCPP Curriculum Guidelines into Undergraduate Systems Courses at Portland State University
    Karen L. Karavanic
    (paper, slides)
   Exploiting heterogeneous parallel programming for developing an educational neuromorphic computing simulator
    Faraz Hussain and Sumit Kumar Jha
    (paper, poster, slides)
   Inculcating “Parallel Programming” in UG curriculum: A Report
    Prof. Dr. D.B. Kulkarni and Umesh Chavan
    (paper, poster, slides)
5:30pm-5:45pm Session 3 Speakers Panel